After working in the industry for years, It became apparent that there is real gap in the market for professional, custom made and realistic dental appliances with a full mail order service.

We understand the fact that people lead very busy lives and also the pressure to look good is at an all-time high. We also understand people’s budgets and the cost of dentistry.

Our revolutionary custom made Clip in Veneers provide our customers with an instantly perfect smile, for a fraction of the cost of traditional veneers.


It is a well-known fact that a full set of traditional veneers would set you back thousands of pounds, Usually one veneer costs around £700.


Traditional veneers are expensive, invasive and often painful. In the process your natural teeth are damaged as they have to be filed down for the veneer to fit on top. 

Wow now smile Instant Veneers simply and securely fit over your natural teeth like a glove, therefore there is absolutely no damage to your natural teeth and definitely no pain.

Wow now smile instant veneers can help you to cover uneven teeth, missing teeth or to whiten teeth, or simply just provide you with a new 'look'


However it is important that good dental hygiene is still practiced and the veneers are cleaned nightly and you must ensure you brush your natural teeth at least twice a day. With proper care our veneers can last upwards of 2 years.

How it looks

At Wow now we use cutting edge, specially formulated biocompatible material to make our veneers. 

The material is extremely long lasting and hard wearing but also very light with a natural feel, therefore they can be used all day every day if wanted or used occasionally, the choice is yours. 

Furthermore you do not have to worry about the falling or slipping out as they are anchored into place and once clipped in are fully secure.

What is it?

Wow Now Smile Instant Veneers use a new and revolutionary process to create our tailor made veneers, specifically for the set of your teeth and mouth. 

We pride ourselves on customer service and the final product is fully custom made in regards to colour, shape and style.

We keep an open dialogue with customers at every step of the design and construction process of your veneers, to ensure you are 100% happy with the final product.

All wow now smile products come with a manufacturing guarantee and 2 week warranty as standard.