Frequently asked questions

Are Instant Veneers suitable for everyone?

Our instant veneers are suitable for most of our clients. They will be unsuitable if you have loose teeth and/or a fixed dental appliance eg: a brace. If you are missing a lot of teeth please email us a picture to evaluate first. However we can work with most dental conditions including missing teeth, crooked teeth, uneven teeth, overlapping teeth, cross bites and under-bites and discoloured teeth. If in doubt just send us a quick selfie first! Please bear in mind that we have to work with the natural set of your teeth so for instance if your teeth protrude a lot then the clip in veneers will make this more noticeable. We rarely turn customers down when buying Clip in Instant Veneers although you would not be suitable if you have any loose teeth, crowns or if you are currently having extensive dental work.
We would also not be able to accept you if

  • you are missing more than four teeth in a row.
  • you missing your any back teeth as we use these to anchor the clip in instant veneer to.
  • You have a cross/scissor bite.

Send a photo to be evaluated before you purchase if any of these apply.

How much is your shipping?

We charge £5 shipping this includes sending out the self impression kit and also when posting back the finished product. We kindly ask you to pay the postage when sending the impression back to us.

How do Instant Veneers work?

nstant veneers fit over your natural teeth a lot like a glove or a gumshield. The colour and/or shape of the clip in teeth will be different from your natural teeth, therefore they can be used to close gaps, mask overlapping teeth, even out crooked teeth, disguise missing teeth and change the colour of the teeth. The veneers clip into place using your back teeth so they are securely anchored into place. Unlike traditional veneers instant clip in veneers cause no damage to your natural teeth as there is no drilling or filing of your natural teeth. As you take your own impressions you do not need to see a dentist, however all our products are manufactured by GDC registered technicians. Click here to see our "HOW IT WORKS" Page

What is the process from start to finish?

Decide what product you require and buy from our store When we receive your order we will post you a self impression kit Carefully read the instructions and take your impressions, remember to include the order docket in the pre-addressed mailing bag along with the impressions. Make sure you send the Impressions back as soon as possible as they start to shrink. As long as your impressions are good enough we will start working on your veneers/appliance straightaway and will send it back to you within 10-14 working days

How do I know I have done the Self Impression correctly?

Included in your self impression kit is a thorough guide on how to take an impression, the guide is also on the website. The most important elements to doing an impression are: Ensure there is a good representation of the gum-line and all the arches of the teeth are clearly visible, that the teeth shape is not distorted and doesn't have a dragged appearance. The impression has to be pushed onto the teeth as apposed to bitten down, whilst the the silicone putty hardens it is very important that you do not move or speak as this will distort the impression. Below is an example of a good impression of both the lower and upper arches.

I have Models already made from my dentist, can I send you these instead of doing a Self Impression?

Yes, that is absolutely fine.

How long until I get my Instant Veneers/dental appliance

We aim to have your Instant clip in veneers/ dental appliance with you within 10-14 working days on receiving your impressions, when exceptionally busy it may take longer but we will let you know if this is the case.

Can I choose the colour of my Instant Veneers?

Yes you can our veneers can come in 3 different Shades. BL1 which is the Hollywood bleach colour. Our whitest Veneers, do not expect these to look natural, but they will look fab. A1 which is still very white but not as bling as BL1, these look more natural A2 Which is more closesly matched to the natural colour of teeth. You can stipulate on your order docket which shade would be your preference.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds because you do not like the veneers, if there is a manufacturing fault we will happily replace them. The reason we cannot offer refunds is that everything we make is custom made just for you, therefore it cannot be used for anyone else. Dependent on which product you buy it can take weeks for our technicians to make your product so it would be impossible to offer refunds because you have changed your mind as the cost in both time and money would be too much. So it is important that you have fully read all the FAQ and are serious about your purchase. Click here for our terms and conditions

What do Instant Clip In Veneers feel like when they are put in?

Although our clip in veneers are extremely thin you will feel them in your mouth. This is because your mouth is extremely sensitive even to small changes. Instant clip in veneers will make your teeth appear slightly LARGER and they will feel LARGER in your mouth. This can take a while for your brain to adjust, just like when you get a new hairstyle. We recommend that you wear them around the house for a few hours and practice talking and eating with them in to get accustomed before venturing out with your new smile. For the first few days you may talk with a bit of a lisp as your mouth and tongue gets used to the new feel of your teeth. This will pass with time and patience and you will be confidently wearing your clip ins in no time, just stick with it.

I Brought Instant Clip In Veneers but they do not fit properly, what can I do?

Sometimes as the result of impressions that were not as accurate as we would like the Clip in Veneers may not fit properly. As we never get to meet you in person and as a professional is not taking your impressions it is easy to be a few millimeters out and unfortunately this can be quite noticeable. If this happens we will ask you to take another impression and will build you another set from that. If you have problems taking an accurate impression it may be worth your while asking your dentist to take the impression for you. Rest assured we will give you back your smile.

I want replacements for my veneers, do I have to pay again?

If you wish to have a replacement, then we offer these for the competitive price of £75 for a full set and £50 for a single arch. This offer is only available to previos wow now smile clients.