How it works

Instant Clip-in Veneers
A Hollywood smile in a instant.

Wow now smile instant veneers can help you to improve the look of uneven teeth, missing teeth, discoloured teeth, or straighten crooked teeth.

They fit over your natural teeth like a glove, but look completely natural as the material used is only 0.5mm thick.

They can be worn every day or just for special occasions such as weddings, the choice is yours.


You can eat and drink whilst wearing wow now smile instant veneers.

They are firmly anchored in to place using your natural teeth so no chance of them falling out.


With proper care our veneers can last upwards of 2 years.

We provide a professional and cost effective service for all your cosmetic and corrective dental appliance needs.


We pride ourselves in using specialist experienced Harley Street GDC registered technicians.

The best thing about our service is that you do not have to visit a dentist. By using our revolutionary self impression kit everything can be done by post in the comfort of your own home.

 No pain, No lengthy visits to the dentist, no invasive treatments and minimal wait times for the finish product.

A convenient and quick way for everyone to have the perfect teeth.

There is middle-man to pay so you will always get the best price.

Follow the instructions to take your own impressions and then send the kit back to us

Up to 14 working days we will create your new smile and then send you the clip in veneers back to you through the post

Order and pay for the product you require


Receive your impression kit through the post


Step One:    Make sure both your hands and teeth are clean.

Step Two:    Unpack your impression kit read instructions and familiarise yourself with the contents. Work out which is the upper and lower trays and place into mouth so you get to know what they feel like when inserted. The upper arch does not have a hole in the middle, the lower does.

Step Three:   Take the blue and white putty out of the containers, combine and knead together until one uniform colour, E.g no stripes. This should be done within a minute as when putties are combined they start to harden.

Step Four:   When one uniform colour roll into a ball then use your palms to roll into a sausage shape and place in the impression tray/s, paying attention to having adequete putty in the front of the tray and edges.

Step Five:   Looking in a mirror locate where the middle of the putty is and then using your thumbs push the impression tray onto arch of your teeth, ensuring the putty covers your gum margings .Pull your lip over the outside of the tray to make sure the impression is accurate and there is adequate coverage. Do not talk or move and hold the tray in this position for 2-3 minutes until the putty sets. 

Step Six:   When the time is up, slightly move from side to side in a gentle motion to release the impression tray with putty attached. DO NOT REMOVE THE PUTTY FROM THE TRAY.

Step Seven:   Rinse under a cold tap and return us (along with the two copies of the customer order form, you keep the white copy for your own records) ASAP in the postal bag provided and wait for your new smile.

How to take an impression