Custom made Pressure formed retainer - Upper Arch


We send you a full home kit for you create your own template. 

This then will be sent to our expert technicians to create your made to measure Veneers.


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Custom made Pressure formed retainer

  • Please note that our self impression kits are not suitable if you have any loose teeth or  loose crowns. If you are having ongoing extensive dental work. or for those with fixed orthodontic appliances, eg fixed braces our self impression kits are also unsuitable. Our clip in veneers are a purely aesthetic device and in no way substitutes regular dental check ups and corrective dental work. Our pressure formed retainers will only retain the teeth shape you have and DO NOT work as invisible braces.

  • Stage A- If you have brought the product but changed your mind, let us know immediately and we will refund you in full, if the impression kit has not yet been dispatched. If it has been dispatched we will refund you the full amount minus £10 to cover postage and the impression kit. If you could return the kit we would be very grateful.

    Stage B- If you have received the impression kit but cannot produce a satisfactory impression, we will send out 2 impression kits free of charge but after this, there will be a £10 charge for the third and subsequent kits. We suggest looking at Youtube videos and searching how to take an impression or alternatively asking your dentist to take the impression for you. If you still cannot produce a suitable impression and want to cancel the order you will be refunded minus £40 which covers administration costs and the cost of the impression materials used.

    Stage C- If you have sent an impression that was suitable and the technicians have started work on your product then from this point, we DO NOT offer any returns/refunds. This is due to the time, cost and the fact that it is a custom made product that CANNOT be resold/reworked. It takes many hours of highly skilled specialised work to make the product so unfortunately returns at this point are not an option. Therefore it is of the upmost importance that you are 100% certain that you want the product before you order. It is also worth mentioning that as we never see you face to face and your impressions are not taken by a professional, it can take a few goes before we get them correct, so keep an open mind and if you need them for a particular event then order well in advance.

    If when you receive the product you notice an issue listed above in the manufacturing guarantee then you have 30 days to tell us about it and send the product back for assessment.